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hotel búðir *iceland*

23 March 2014

*photo of me, dog & drool by my husband

Hotel Búðir really is the stuff of romantic literature. Perched alone on a grassy peninsula, your eyes follow from the white lodge towards the estuary and to the Snaefellsjokull glacier beyond. Turn and brace into the wind to take in the choppy ocean, the quaint staff cabin and the small wooden church. Roam the grassy headland and feel the isolation, the rejuvenating wind, the space. Inside the sitting rooms you want to curl up on a leather couch with a good book or your journal, or just simply to stare at the magnificent view.

Our loft windows framed the most spectacular sunset resplendent of all colours. As the darkness of night settled in, we made our way back downstairs to a sitting area where I made friends with the resident dog. (Of course, you say. Of course!) As we snuggled on the floor, he proceeded to drool all over my jeans and I didn’t mind one bit. Dog hugs are good for the soul.

We made our way into the restaurant to enjoy a quality degustation featuring local produce. We three were the only people dining that night apart from a gorgeous young Swedish couple who had just married in the church that afternoon. She was beautiful in her simple gown, blonde hair in a plaited up-do and a grey cardigan over her shoulders. They talked quietly at their corner table and I silently sent them happy, long-lasting-love vibes. A nudge at my knees and my doggy friend had snuck into the restaurant to see me. I whispered for him to lie down, not knowing if he knew English commands. I was giggling as he lay down at my feet happily. The waiter came later and shoo-ed him out of the restaurant, understandably for a fine establishment, but the cheeky moments pup and I shared made me smile. “I’ll come cuddle you again”, I promised him. Later, as we rubbed our bellies contentedly, my husband spotted the Aurora Borealis forming outside. The boys decided to head out to photograph them. I returned to our loft and sprawled across the bed to write in my journal, sometimes distracted by the howling wind outside. That wind only seemed appropriate given all the other guests at the hotel were hosting their own private mystery party in a separate dining room – sure to have added to the mood! But the icy wind also drove the boys back inside before too long – but not before they came up with a genius way to solve the problem at hand. They set up the tripod in a protected nook, went inside and settled into the armchairs by the window, ordered dessert and operated the camera with the remote control!

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast and a wander around the grounds with my doggy friend. My laughter whipped away in the wind as I realised I couldn’t call him back in Icelandic, but he knew his routine so we let him be as he raised his nose to take in the smells. My husband showed me a snow flake on his glasses and I took in the fleeting beauty of its shape before it disintegrated. We couldn’t get the camera out quick enough, but it is another image imbedded in my mind. Before we left, I sat on the lobby floor again, with a certain canine wrapped around my legs resting his head on me. I thought of my dog at home who loves to snuggle the same way – don’t worry, I still love you the most!

Warm beds, cosy reading rooms, moody wind, inspiring views, good food, great company, and a dog. Perfect.

5 Responses
  1. March 23, 2014

    ..and wildly romantic! Love it.

  2. Megan permalink
    March 25, 2014

    Such happy moments Lucent! Those precious connections with nature and animals are always memories to treasure. Also loved the glimpse of you with your Icelandic doggy friend :)

  3. March 27, 2014

    so much beauty and happiness…. many, many memorable moments to treasure. of course, I love the one of you petting your doggy friend! ox

  4. April 6, 2014

    This place just looks so amazingly beautiful. It looks so very isolated so a great place for a romantic few days.

  5. Nicole permalink
    April 18, 2014

    Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful country xx

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