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when the clouds lift *iceland*

12 March 2014

After two very comfortable nights at the Hali Country Hotel, (and relaxed, quality meals in their restaurant) we were finally able to see the secret behind the clouds right behind the family-owned sheep and fish farm on which the hotel sits. It was our last morning there, and we eagerly threw on layers and ventured outside. I was striding towards the water, which was only metres from our window and then my husband said to turn around. I swore in awe and my husband laughed. He loves my joy at discovering something in our surroundings that is so obvious to others. Lifting my head up, along and around – so that stunning, steeply-rising craggy, snow-capped mountain was what was hiding behind us!!! Whoa.

We drove back to Jökulsárlón again and my husband took some amazing photos of the bright sunrise on the beach. Looking towards the sun hurts my eyes, so I turned around and took in the colours changing on the mountains. Yet again we were the only ones on the beach so I felt brave and went solo adventuring up the black sand dune. My solid hiking boots a freedom-enhancer, protecting me from rolling my ankles over the rocks that I couldn’t keep track of, and was frankly too puppy-dog excited to try. At the top of the dune I sat down and felt free and awesome, overlooking the car and the man who travels the world holding my hand. As I headed down towards the water, I came upon a log (tunnel vision can make a discovery like this so fun!) and set up the camera to take a self-portrait. The first shot in the series is me half-sliding off the log as I misjudged my step – I got the giggles. It’s pretty powerful to laugh alone and lovingly at one’s imperfection, isn’t it?

When we went back to the lagoon itself we came across tourists on location for the first time in two days. In the clearer morning yet more mountains and the glacier itself were unveiled. While it was perfect to see the greater landscape, we also realised the cloudy morning was a gift too in that the blues in the ice were more vivid in the subdued light. The best of both worlds.

More scenic driving as we worked our way back towards Reykjavik. Dramatic mountains. An icy wooden bridge. Turf covered buildings. Meeting a museum researcher who let us inside one. Wobbly woolly sheep bums as they run. Lava fields. A rainbow. Freshly caught lobster. A warm cosy cafe with a view. Being the only two people standing behind a waterfall at sunset – cold and happy. Hot chocolate. Driving across a snowy pass and down into Reykjavik, ready for some urban exploring the next day.

3 Responses
  1. March 17, 2014

    Simply breathtaking photos! Only cementing my desire to go there even further!

    Clare x

  2. March 17, 2014

    I love everything about this post. The photos are so very gorgeous, but your voice and your words tell the story of your delight and sense of adventure. I am finding your landscape photography truly amazing. I think my favorite is the one with the little wooden building with the red roof. I keep going back to that one. Bravo on your work and your adventure. But my other favorite is the one where your feet are greeting the sun.

  3. March 19, 2014

    Iceland is other worldly…in the most beautiful way!

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