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making up

6 November 2013
Especially love my Nars Foundation, MAC eye shadows, Revlon lip stain & Chantecaille lipstick. 

Do you ever look at a photo of yourself and think I’m still that happy, vibrant person but there’s a little spark missing in the reflection today? I realised I needed to undertake a little self-esteem pep talk and also get out of a rut with make-up. Through my 20s I always enjoyed the ritual of putting it on, doing my hair and dancing to music. I don’t wear a lot, just enough for a little glow on the outside to reflect that on the inside. For the past two years I have had a very strained relationship with make-up. It started with my sensitivities that developed suddenly and so I cut the use of products on my face dramatically. Now the dryness and burning sensations are mostly under control by learning what products to avoid.

It occurred to me the other week that my love of minimalism was not serving me well in this case. I was intent on not buying any more make-up until my supplies ran out. But with less use it meant that my products were getting very old – my blush was… ahem… 6 years old. I know. The age of my blush could indeed have been contributing to my skin sensitivities (quite possible given that area of my face is most sensitive)! Now with new products in my drawer, it’s time to enjoy some rosy cheeks, full black lashes and shiny lips again. Sometimes we need a healthy dose of vanity, don’t we?

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