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thoughts & naps

8 December 2012

Twice this week I have come to the bedroom to do something and have fallen onto the bed and into the deepest of naps. Apart from the fact that I’ve got a summer cold (ggrr!) it is the way this time of year should be, I think. Succumbing to our body’s need for rest in between the precious shared meals and walks with loved ones. Last night we had my in-laws over for dinner and then a leisurely stroll after. I collapsed on the bed afterwards facing upside down away from the pillows and sleep found me immediately. That heaviness of insurmountable tiredness feels wonderful when you can indulge it.

I’m also succumbing to thoughts about the online world at the moment. Seeking authenticity in people and blogs. People who never reply to comments. How much time is invested by many into online relationships that are quite fickle (not referring to any of you my friends). The cliques that despite my best efforts, I occasionally fall into the trap of trying to get acknowledgement from (even when I realise I don’t respect some of their attitudes). Hoping that twitter, instagram etc don’t kill the quality and community of blogging. The future of my humble online shop. Watching the monetising of blogs and the strategies that don’t align with my own ideals. Seeing others being swept up in trying to stay current on all the places, objects, fashions etc, fighting those pulls and thinking how exhausting it is. On being a private person and how much to share.

I’m NOT leaving this blog or taking a hiatus. I just have phases where I analyse my place, content and principles for this medium. It feels that so often I am resisting against the new norms or tidal waves of the latest social media craze. I do like this desire to be true to myself and seek simplicity and value – but it takes work internally to remain on your own two feet against these surges. Perhaps it is me who is the unusual one, questioning the value of everything in my life. But I feel that it is both freeing and necessary when living consciously and choosing where or how one’s energy is best directed.

And now, I think I will take another nap on this easy weekend morning. Got to shake this cold and let these thoughts simmer.

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  1. December 8, 2012

    I appreciate you so much! I wrestle with those same things! Whether even to put a few Google ads on my sidebar was a huge struggle and I’ve actually been pleased that they generated mere pennies because I’ll not be tempted to blog things that draw more readers but to blog genuine, authentic things that I want to share.

    I enjoy Twitter, because there are a group of friends that I made there who chat and have shared our lives with one another and made friends. I even met one when I traveled to South Africa, and she was as delightful in person as her online presence led me to believe.

    I do think that there will always be bloggers who pander to the stats counter, as if we were in a high school popularity contest. And sometimes I’m tempted to measure my own value on such a petty scale, but usually I’m reminded somehow that I don’t want to be like that and never have wanted to.

    I hope your cold feels better! It sounds like you need the sleep. :)

  2. December 8, 2012

    Such a refreshing reminder of what is important and to value in life. Thank you!

  3. December 8, 2012

    Totally understand where you are coming from – navigating the online world is tricky, especially for those of us who tread carefully and take our interpersonal interactions seriously. Boundaries are more fluid online, which sometimes brings serendipitous friendships (hello!) and other times can make us feel uncomfortable. I think that authenticity is key, and knowing who you are and what you value. Your privacy is important to you, and that’s ok, even if the internet sometimes makes you feel otherwise. You have authenticity in droves, my friend, and that is clear in your blog too.

    Rest well xx

  4. Leandro permalink
    December 9, 2012

    Hi! My name is Leandro and I live in Buenos Aires. I am 38 yo and have become a fan of you. I discover your blog reading about minimalism and since then Ive been reading almost everything you posted, in my notebook or in my cellphone. I love your blog, it is beautiful and inspiring. Last week I started in my first steps into blogging, buyed a nice camera and started shooting photographs. I have always liked pics, of people, places, animals, but I did not found the inspiration to take that as a full hobby. Until I read LI. Loved your photos, the peacefullness of your posts and your smart thinking way of life. I am grateful to the effort and commitement you do to keep this blog running, and say: thank you! Works like these are positive for everybody, your time is not wasted, and mine neither. Hope you get better soon from your cold, bye!

  5. December 9, 2012

    Thank you for your beautiful cards that arrived this morning, I want to keep them for myself!

    I like your periods of reflection it makes me stop and think too.
    Sarah x

  6. December 9, 2012

    oh, I love naps in the heat of the summer, and now here, to get cozy and warm up as the sun goes down so early. I like that you share your thoughts and struggles with the online community. I share your concern about too much and lack of meaning, but as of late, I have found this wonderful community of woman photographers through the NOW YOU workshops. It is an authentic group that has created a very real community of thought and sharing.

  7. December 10, 2012

    Some wonderful words and thoughts there. A lot to think on and I’m sure I’m not alone in sharing many of your concerns about authenticity and being true to one’s self in a sea of increasing consumerism and sameness. It’s tough sometimes but worth it. This space is a reassuring beacon on that front!
    Love a good nap too. I’m looking forward to having more time and space over the holidays to nap more often. Sending healing vibes your way. Hope you feel better soon my dear x

  8. December 13, 2012

    I love a good nap – it is one of my favorite activities – that and eating and cooking.

    There are a lot of things about the blogging world that gets to me too – sometimes I just can’t be stuffed and don’t blog until I feel like it again. Most people suck.

  9. December 15, 2012

    You are not the unusual one.

    You said, “The future of my humble online shop. Watching the monetising of blogs and the strategies that don’t align with my own ideals.”
    I got swept up in the huge wave of trying to monetize my blog. This wave comes and goes. It didn’t work, and I will give my sidebar a good clean sweep, once again.

    I go through phases, but people like yourself keep me grounded. I am once again reminded that I need to be true to myself and my blog. The reason why I started “chasing” for blog sponsors a few months ago was because I was seeking some justification for my thousands, thousands and thousands, of hours spent on my blog. I have devoted many, many hours to it, every day, since 2004. Yet, I reap nothing from it. It makes me wonder how others — those with no genuine content in their blogs — receive sponsors and gain so many rewards for their minimal effort.

    What am I doing wrong?

  10. December 18, 2012

    Personally, I’ve battled with the same issue. I’ve decided to stay true to myself which can be difficult when the the blogging world seem to be a popularity contest. There were times when I struggled about talking about subjects that aren’t exactly politically correct versus more superfluous ones which are just as fun. I guess it’s maintaining a balance.

    I read every single comment on my blog, twitter, instagram and facebook. However, it’s starting to get rather impossible to respond to everyone even if I wanted to. Between work, looking after the little one, family and blogging, there’s just only so much I can do. I used to stay up till 1 to 2a.m just trying maintaining my blog. I can’t begin to express how touched I am that readers still take the time to write and comment.

  11. January 4, 2013

    I’ve been catching up on blogs and this was good timing! I’ve been struggling with my blog and I just don’t feel like there is much I can contribute. I have met a few wonderful people thanks to the internets – our best friends in Holland were through Instagram. But with my personal blog I feel I’m losing my passion and can direct my energy elsewhere into actually producing art instead of struggling over what to write. Hmmm, will have to discuss it more with you! xx

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