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24 January 2012 

Cuban fancy dress party. This part of our family always throws the best themed parties.



Yummy food in my fingers and en route to my mouth on a hen’s night.



Movie dates. I am constantly scanning my eyes all around the screen to try put together the whole picture. Fast cutting, up close action sequences are the hardest to watch because it’s all a blur to me. But I love going to the movies. 

A picnic with one fluffy white dog, and pizza at the other fluffy white dog’s house. I know the magic word to get a head tilt right on cue!

Virtually, I’ve also been over to fellow Australian blog, Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea where I was honoured to be interviewed. Thank you for having me!

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  1. Lizzie permalink
    January 24, 2012

    Wonder who owns that gorgeous white fluffy dog where you had pizza at ;) gorgeous pic of him!!! I feel like he is always listening, especially when I read him stories!! I’m a very proud mum and think he could be a show dog. Haha. Love the other shots too! Xo

  2. January 25, 2012

    haha love that fancy dress theme! Going to check out the interview, how fun!

  3. January 25, 2012

    Wonderful interview. And I agree absolutely with the Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea girls – you are inspiring! x

  4. January 26, 2012

    Wow girl! I just read your interview is great, inspiring and beautifully said every words. I like especially quoted this part of the interview:

    Where do you get your inspiration from?

    “A desire to live my life passionately with moments of overwhelming appreciation for the little things every single day. The smell of the flowers, the breeze, cuddles, giggles, food, long lunches in cafes, walks to the movies, a message from a loved one etc.

    My husband inspires me with his knowledge and support and long walks holding my hand. Together we’re also discovering new foods all the time.

    Having my dog beside me reminds me to raise my nose to the air and smell the breeze. He also makes me not care that anyone around me sees me talking to him or laughing at something he’s doing.

    The blog world is fascinating and there are some wonderful people who inspire me in many ways.

    My desire to share my perspective with loved ones and the gift of discovering more of the world around me through the camera lens.”

    Definitely I want to meet you one day – by the way I received your e-mail is beautiful thank you very much. =^_^=

    Also I will be finishing selecting – some of my favorite blogs that will be added this weekend on my blog roll you are in. I just wanted blogs that are original or create the own thing something like that.

    Have a lovely week!

  5. January 26, 2012

    Such a lovely interview! … so much of ‘you’ comes through your words, which is a very nice thing indeed. :)


  6. January 28, 2012

    Congrats on the interview. I love your honesty and love of life it’s so refreshing! Oh and your photographs ain’t bad either ;-) .

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