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traditional norwegian food

27 September 2011

We had dinner at Kaffistova on our first night in Oslo. I don’t have any food photos to share as I was very hungry when we sat at the outside tables to refuel. It is on a road parallel to the main Karl Johans Gate and it seems to be the cycling thoroughfare which made for great people watching. I swear every Scandinavian woman on a bike is gorgeous. This belief was reinforced when we headed to our next stop, Copenhagen.

It was in Oslo that my foodie adventures kicked off. I hope Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer will forgive me. I didn’t know until a few weeks later that I sampled one of his kind. I honestly have no recollection of thinking it tasted like anything dramatically different. I would liken it to mince meat.

Food blogger Nordic Nibbler is great for researching your dining options in Oslo. My biggest tip: budget big for food costs in Norway. Also, if you love fish and dairy, you will love exploring the local cuisine.

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  1. September 27, 2011

    Oslo sounds brilliant! Hope you got some nice wines in the Hunter this weekend! Wasn’t the weather just perfect?! *s*

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