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street art & graffiti *oslo*

23 September 2011

I love the juxtaposition of visually stimulating art and the surroundings of either quaint gardens, majestic old buildings or the movement of people, dogs and cafes. I think street art has its place in our urban environments. But I’m also not impressed when there is blatant disrespect for buildings and history as is often the case with the vandalism style of tagging. I welcome street art that interacts with the environment in a funny or clever way, those that brighten up an abandoned building and those that make you stop and think or question something in our society.

I was very excited this weekend to discover a new local coffee shop. I smiled when I noticed it has a large street art style mural outside. Love places like that. Do you like street art?

(The first photo was taken with a cheap waterproof point and shoot we bought for rainy weather)

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  1. September 26, 2011

    I find street art can be so inspiring and interesting (except the tagging stuff that is just pretty dreadful), I like that often it is hidden or you have to really look for it and when you find it it’s a little gem! Looks like you had a great trip away!

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