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oranges & a persimmon

20 July 2011

A delicious navel orange for a healthy winter snack over the sink, juices dripping down my arms.
A persimmon that’s destined for tonight’s salad along with some French cheese.
Some inspirational foodie/travel reading with a French theme. Yep. Feeling all things French since getting back from Paris.

How are you friends? This week is flying by! I’m just home from a photo shoot. My mum was enlisted as trusty dog sitter/entertainer/belly rubber, lighting assistant, chauffeur, smile-generator for the client and onsite health and safety officer. Let’s face it, that’s needed when you’ve got a legally blind photographer! She was awesome. Her rates are good too – shouted her lunch at a cafe and then we wandered to the grass in the park and lay down talking under a perfectly blue sky. Even though my dog spent the time napping in the sun, he seems to be tired from my hard work. Will go join him now. Dogs have it all worked out. Be kind to oneself. Take a nap.

RandomsJuly11 COPYRIGHT

RandomsJuly11 COPYRIGHT

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